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I have been an Associate Producer on the following true crime shows: Twisted Sisters (ID), For My Man (TV ONE), Murdered by Morning (Oxygen).

Twisted Sisters (Investigation Discovery)

Co-executive produced by none other than Khloé Kardashian, who knows a thing or two about sisterly bonds and how they can go awry, this series details shocking crimes committed by pairs of sisters. Sometimes the siblings work in concert, but often the duo turn against each other with the deadliest of outcomes. Hourlong episodes recount actual crimes via stylized re-enactments and interviews with immediate family members and close friends, painting pictures of how and why the sisters' lives went wrong. As well, investigators and law enforcement anchor each story as they describe their unraveling of the case and try to make sense of the crime committed.


For My Man (TV One)

When the women profiled in this docuseries say they'll do anything, they mean anything. "For My Man" tells stories of women who have been arrested -- part of the growing female population in the criminal justice system -- for crimes that they committed in the name of love. The crimes committed range from becoming an inside informant at the DEA for a drug-addicted partner to turning on one's own family members at a jealous boyfriend's request, and even as extreme as going on a killing spree across the Midwest.


Murdered by Morning (Oxygen)

"Murdered by Morning" showcases stories where individuals are unaware that the night in question will be their last. From a girls-night-out gone bad to an overnight shift at a local toy store that takes an unexpected turn, the series recounts how an average night can quickly turn into a nightmare. By examining each case step-by-step, the series combs through numerous suspects until the killer is eventually caught.

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