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Writing for me is like breathing. It is something I have always known was my purpose since the first time I read a Harry Potter book at seven. Falling into someone else's world like that changed me, and it let me know that I was destined to do the same. This is why I create universal, messy, and comedic stories for women and people of color. It is my goal to turn erotic imagery and female beauty on its head, while always keeping the audience laughing.


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COMEDY PILOTS: Men & Women (Sex-Comedy), Eboni VS. The City (Fashion-Comedy) Baby Witch (YA), On Time God (Church Multi-Cam Sitcom), Mashallah! (Middle-Eastern Family Sitcom), Crystal & Chelsea (Psychic Scammer Sitcom).

DRAMA PILOTS: Saturn Return (Astrological Hour-long Dramedy), Sweet Revolution (Historical-Drama).

FEATURES: The Island (Caribbean-American Horror Comedy), Dream Girl (Teen Sex Comedy)

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In addition to doing commercial work in front of the camera, I wrote a commercial for Ciroc and the film What Men Want. You can view it here.

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I wrote a women's fiction novel called INNER NATURE about a misunderstood young black woman living in a small town in the south. After falling in and out of relationships with men, she falls in love with her female neighbor, who is in an abusive relationship. With a punchy strong voice, this novel shows a young woman trying to figure out love and life all at the same time, with very messy complicated people. 

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